Encountered a mosquito or tick and want to learn more or report them?

  • Is the tick not attached? See instructions for reporting and sending in ticks here.
  • Is the tick attached? See this page for instructions on proper tick removal and reporting attached ticks.
  • Want to compare it to photos? See our tick photos here.
  • Want to upload a photo and details to our iNaturalist page, see here.
  • Are you a bat biologist or exclusion professional and think you’ve found soft ticks in a home? See sample submission information here.
  • To see where we are finding ticks and tick-borne disease agents in Illinois, see maps here.
  • For a 30-minute webinar on using the tick surveillance maps, ticks & tick-borne diseases, and tick-bite prevention in Illinois, see video here.
  • Are you working at a public health district, mosquito abatement district, state/county/city forest or park, or university conducting tick or mosquito collections and need assistance with identifications? Please contact Dr. Holly Tuten.