Tick Collections: Training, Identifications, and Testing

Free Identification Assistance With Tick Submissions to Local Health Departments & Mosquito Abatement Districts

Public health personnel can contact Dr. Holly Tuten for assistance with identifications of ticks. This includes expert identifications of ticks at the INHS Medical Entomology Lab, training in tick identifications, and confirmations of identifications performed by public health staff.

Free Training in Tick Collections for Public & Environmental Health Personnel 

If you are an employee/intern of a public organization in Illinois like a state park, forest/city parks district, mosquito abatement district, or local public health department, you can drag for ticks and send them to our lab for free identifications and pathogen testing. Please contact Dr. Holly Tuten for training materials, assistance with site selection & permitting, and further details.

Here is a map presenting results of our work to date.

Here is a PDF with information on personal protection and making a $20 no-sew “INHS Quick Drag”: INHS quick-start tick dragging document

Dr. Holly Tuten, left, who is a vector ecologist with the Illinois Natural History Survey, does field collection of tick specimens in a central Illinois wooded area with Emily Struckhoff, right. The collection methods include dragging a white cloth across the ground, as well as using a carbon dioxide trap which naturally attracts ticks by using carbon dioxide sublimated from dry ice.

Personal Protection While in the Field (right click & open in new tab for larger picture)

$20 no-sew “INHS Quick Drag” (right click & open in new tab for larger picture)